Managed Service Programs (MSP)

Superior’s unique managed service program—more commonly referred to in the industry as an MSP—streamlines day-to-day contingent staffing responsibilities.

Managing a contingent workforce is an art and a science, and it can get complicated. While the concept of managed services was once foreign, today’s companies commonly engage MSPs to meet different talent needs and improve their bottom lines.

Since launching our very first MSP in 1992, Superior has worked with many companies to refine their contingent labor management processes. From sourcing candidates to billing, Superior customers know that when we’re at the helm, operations run as smoothly—and efficiently—as they possibly can.

Why Superior?

Our MSP model doesn’t skimp on what matters: integrated candidate sourcing, administration, supply chain management, workforce performance, master billing and remittance, reporting, and quality compliance. Superior’s services run the gamut. Benefits of enlisting Superior’s MSP include:

  • Optimized Partnerships. Our effective, vendor-neutral MSP weaves together relationships between vendors and contract resources for your workforce needs.
  • Tailored solutions. Our MSP is fully customizable. Our processes are proven, but we constantly make modifications to fit our customers’ unique needs and evolving goals.

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