Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Whether you’re a smaller company that’s not ready to bring in an HR department or a Fortune 500 company eager to have someone more experienced in your corner, Superior knows how to handle recruitment.

For most companies, hiring well takes time. From wading through résumés and cover letters to multiple interviews and finally negotiating salaries, bringing in the right talent can seriously cut in to your time. Time you should be spending on your own projects.

Managers are also facing the need to hire more often, as workers today are changing jobs more than ever before: for instance, 91% of millennials report they intend to spend only three years in any given job, according to a Forbes article. In addition, beyond just turnover, many companies are experiencing talent shortages that can be detrimental to their businesses.

That’s why bringing in a recruitment process outsourcing specialist makes sense. Superior’s services include job posting management, candidate sourcing and screening, employee onboarding and offboarding, reference and verification checks, and job fair administration.

Why Superior?

We can help make the recruitment process easier on your internal team. Benefits of working with Superior include:

  • Quality candidates. Because we’re able to put our full attention and energy into finding the best people, we constantly deliver the highest quality candidates.
  • Tailored solutions. Superior can take on all—or just a portion—of a client’s internal recruitment function.
  • A dedicated recruitment team and resources. Our tenured team will focus on your company’s needs, and use industry-leading resources to get results for you.

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